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Home Inventory Services

DocuHome prides itself on customer service and satisfaction by ensuring the best home inventory software available on the internet. Hear firsthand from our many satisfied customers who trust DocuHome.

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"Truly an excellent service and my sincere thanks for your service's performed at my home.

As a lifelong Malibu resident, I've seen many people lose their personal property to Malibu wildfires. We all know this is a very important responsibility that must be performed. I can honestly say don't wait any longer! Whether you use DocuHome's do-it-yourself software or hire one their inventory specialists, the peace of mind you will gain is priceless!"

Chris Cortazzo
#1 Coldwell Banker Agent Nationally and Internationally
Coldwell Banker Previews International

"Need a home inventory? Stop looking any further. DocuHome makes this task very fast and easy. I would and do recommend DocuHome to my "Platinum Rolodex" of clients in the Malibu and Beverly Hills real estate market. DocuHome is also a MUST for any vacation rental owner.

Brad and his team have done an amazing job — helping homeowners protect their number one asset."

Stephen Shapiro
Westside Estate Agency — Malibu & Beverly Hills

"My husband and I lost our home in the Corral Canyon FIre, Malibu 2007. The rebuild process has been quite a nightmare for all 53 of those that lost them. This service is INVALUABLE.

I hope that everyone heeds the advice of this service and before the next barrage of red flag warnings, get signed up!!!!! Thanks for making something useful out of something so tragic."

Suzanne Sickner
Malibu, California

"Thanks for helping homeowners across the nation be aware and more prepared if disaster strikes. Using a personal tragedy as a catalyst to create a software program to help others is an inspiring story.

You and your team have done a wonderful job in creating a practical, easy-to-use tool to inventory one's 'stuff'."

Steve Hilton
President and CEO
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

"People know that home insurance is a no-brainer. What people often don't realize is that insurance can only do so much without an accurate accounting of what has been lost or damaged. With pleasure, I recommend DocuHome to my clients to protect themselves in case of catastrophe.

DocuHome's tagging feature is very easy to use, even someone who's computer-illiterate could figure it out - and if they can't, there are easy-to-follow tutorials to walk them through it and even options to have a professional do it for them."

Bart Baker
5x Presidents Council, Farmers Insurance Group
B.W. Baker Insurance Services

"DocuHome gives my clients an invaluable resource for protecting their assets. Their homes and everything in them is accounted for so that their insurance policies can work best for them in case of disaster.

This is also perfect for rental owners in case of dispute with a renter over property damage. An accurate inventory can solve any dispute."

Jeff and Linda Brandt
Multi Million-Dollar Producers
Windermere Real Estate

"As a residential home lender, a buyer's purchase is likely the most expensive asset that they'll ever own and the insurance aspect is discussed with all lenders but rarely is the value of the buyer's contents a consideration.

This is a great talking point and a perfect nature migration to suggest DocuHome as a safe and assured way to maximize their insurance costs and to be rest-assured that in the event of a catastrophic loss, my buyers will be fully covered. Most lenders simply do not touch upon this and I know that I have a leg-up in my capacity as their trusted adviser."

Joe Tishkoff
Senior Loan Consultant
Skyline Financial Corporation

"DocuHome's software will prepare an inventory list which is a very useful tool in the event of a loss."

Jeff Minderhout
Liberty Company Insurance Brokers

"I live in a wildfire-prone area and if I had to prove my losses to an insurance company, I'd be hard-pressed to do it without DocuHome's help. This software is easy-to-use and I like that it can be accessed from anywhere."

Ann Brenoff
Senior Writer
AOL Real Estate/Huffington Post

"DocuHome's home inventory software is the most user friendly of it's kind. The program has tutorials built in. The "tagging feature" separated this software from the competition, making the entire process simpler. I highly recommend DocuHome. I actually chose DocuHome for helping my Colorado clients be prepared for emergencies."

Joyce Wilson
Professional Organizer
I Can Help You Organize!

"In my opinion, what DocuHome does best is show homeowners how much insurance is needed to cover the contents of their personal property. DocuHome does just that!"

After I uploaded my room photos and tagged the more expensive items (appliances, furniture, electronics, tools, etc) I got my OMG moment... I NEED MORE INSURANCE.

DocuHome could have been a lifesaver for my family! As homeowners, we need to take control and not depend on our agent/insurer to protect our property. I suggest you look further into your policy and the costs to rebuild which may include code upgrade requirements.

The Lyon Family
Boulder, Colorado

"Protecting your home, the most important and probably the largest investment of your lifetime, is a no-brainer, but having an excellent insurance policy is not enough. You also need the kind of protection only a home inventory can provide. Whether it's your own DocuHome do-it-yourself home inventory, or that of a Certified DocuHome Home Inventory professional you hire to photograph and document the contents of your home, cover your assets now.

I have taken Brad's life experience as a wake up call. So should you! "

Brian Holmes
Whitefish Resort Real Estate, Montana

"We represent over 2500 privately owned properties and businesses in Southern California for film and commercial shoots. Our library features homes designed by some of the greatest Architects such as Richard Neutra, John Lautner, Joseph Eichler, Ray Kappa, Frank Gehry, Ed Niles, Frank Lloyd Wright... the list goes on. With a commitment to excellence our clients expect the best. DocuHome is clearly the logical choice for our clientele.

Your software worked great! Most people really don't appreciate the complexity of the software development that goes into a program like DocuHome. You've done an incredible job!"

Dennis Koch
Independent Locations

"Brilliant! I am using DocuHome to document my Malibu home and I am ALREADY sleeping better, knowing that if the worst happens, I will have the protection of a complete home inventory to use for insurance claims. This is a must-do!!! Especially for those of us who live in places where periodic catastrophic fires are a given."

Jaclyn Schaibley Gelb
Malibu, California

"I personally lost most everything in my basement from the floods. We pumped the water out the first night, and it refilled over night for a total of more than 17 inches of water accumulating there. My husband and I lost precious personal items that we cannot account for due to a lack of inventory.

I personally know how much I could have benefited from having a DocuHome home inventory."

Regina Hoover, Appraiser
Nashville, Tennessee

Home Inventory Services
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Home Inventory Software

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