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September 15, 2011

SANTA MONICA, CA- September 15, 2011- A Malibu couple who are on the verge of losing their home TWICE have created DocuHome, a home inventory company that helps others prepare. CBS Jeff Nguyen reports.

-Additional facts you should know about the Stanley's dilemma-

- The homeowners paid $650,000 for their Malibu home in 1999.

- After the Malibu Canyon Fire, one month prior, they increased their insurance policy $150,000 (their agent said this was not necessary). That went into effect 2 days before the Corral Canyon Fire thinking it was enough. It is estimated they are over $300,000 underinsured.

- They paid almost $200,000 in plans, fees and permits to start the rebuilding process.

- They continued to pay a mortgage payment for 18 months after the house burned down with no house to live in and no additional living expense coverage from their insurance company.

- After that 18 months of paying the payment their mortgage rate adjusted and the payment increased from $2650 to almost $4000.

- They applied for 3 loan modifications with Chase. They were told after the 3rd application that they could not have a modification as the house was condemned. How can an empty lot be condemned?

- They were contacted several times by a Chase assigned appraiser to appraise their house and requested an interior inspection although they know the house burned to the ground.

- They were given a temporary modification, which they paid as agreed, and then were never offered a permanent modification or ever contacted by Chase again regarding the modification.

- And if they could not get a modification because their house burned down, why would Chase have them apply for a modification three times when they knew there was no house?

- They never made a late payment on their loan before the fire.

About DocuHome
Founded in March 2010, DocuHome develops technologies that facilitate the documentation and storing of personal and/or business assets. From the D.I.Y. home inventory entry price point of $69 to the full service solution with a certified DocuHome service provider, a DocuHome home inventory is only a click away. In addition to better disaster-preparation, DocuHome's services are applicable for Homeowners and Small Businesses, Home Inventory Specialists, Professional Organizers, Insurance Brokers, Real Estate Photographers, Emergency Preparedness and Management Experts, Film Location Management for Homes, Real Estate Property Management, Real Estate Brokers, Home Security Companies, Appraisers, Estate Planners, Bookkeepers and Affiliate Publishers.

Media Contacts:
Jann Berman and Lucia Singer
Berman Singer Public Relations
Phone: (310) 440-0143


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We Donate to the American Red Cross
They were first responders to our founder's tragic event. 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.
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