Tips on Home Inventory Photography

Taking photos for a home inventory is the most important step in being prepared. And when it comes to a home inventory, a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Visit DocuHome’s Photo Gallery

Do your best to portray each room to its best advantage. You want to highlight the room’s assets, not detract from them. Imagine you’re getting your home ready for sale and do everything you would to make it look its absolute best. This includes de-cluttering, organizing and cleaning. Remember, you’ll be shooting the contents of closets and drawers, as well.

Remember, if you lose everything in a fire, you’ll have to replace cooking utensils, kitchen appliances, silverware, personal grooming items and many more items too numerous to mention. Include the outside of the house, garden tools, plants, swimming pool, patio furniture and even landscaping. Remember insurance companies require you to compile an inventory for each item in your home.

Room Preparation Basics:

  • Turn on all lights inside your house
  • Open glass doors to prevent reflection.
  • Open closet doors to show quantity of clothing. Make sure you capture shoes, jackets, purses, etc.
  • Expensive items, such as jewelry, furs, and collectibles. Valuable items may need separate insurance
  • Take pictures of the insides of drawers with the contents fanned out
  • Use a non-glare dark cloth as a background for silver, china or jewelry
  • When photographing china, take a picture of the pattern name or manufacturer’s signature, along with a picture of the pattern
  • When photographing jewelry, angle the flash to avoid glare
  • Photograph your garage, power tools, including detailed photos of the inside of your toolbox
  • If you want to take only a few pictures, DocuHome has a great solution to record whole rooms with your most valuable and theft-prone items prominently displayed
  • To get an overall picture, take wide-angle shots of the whole room

  • What Should I Photograph?
    Simple answer: EVERYTHING! Start in one corner of the room and work your way around until the whole room has been covered. For insurance purposes, it is good to show as much of the room as you can. Outbuildings and garages and their contents should also be included. Tools from the lowly screwdriver to table saws, generators, lawn motors and sewing machines shouldn’t be left out either.

    Get the Details
    Show the finishes, hardware, windows, cabinets, floors, name brands on appliances. Do close-up shots of special collections and other big ticket items.

    Photograph the Exterior
    The landscaping of your property, including any special features such as ponds, fountains, patios and decks. Make sure you contact your insurance agent to see what your policy covers. Certain things like rare trees or shrubs and unusual landscaping aren’t considered personal property, but it will be helpful to have a record of their appearance in case of a loss.

    Keep Your Photos Out of Harms Way!
    After you’ve taken the photos for your home inventory, getting these photos out of harms is equally as important. Learn more about storing your photos, important documents, medical information and more, visit…

    Attention Digital Photographers…
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