Gain All That is Rightfully Yours From Your Insurance Policy


Avoid Rental Damage Disputes

Whether you have a vacation rental, or a long term rental, having a detailed inventory of all the items you have in your rental property…..

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Bradford Stanley July 1, 2014 Bradford Stanley

The Claims Process for Disaster Victims

The Five Steps to Recovering Your Life After Your Home and Life Have Been Destroyed 1. Read everything carefully before you sign anything. Your insurance…..

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Ron Reitz June 2, 2014 Ron Reitz

What May Be Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Additional Living Expenses If your property is not safe for occupancy, keep receipts for all expenses associated with your relocation, such as emergency shelter, clothing,…..

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Mark Gruskin May 22, 2014 Mark Gruskin

Renters “What-Ifs…”

Pipes burst, a spark ignites a blaze, thieves find the unlocked door. Sometimes stuff just happens. That’s why renters need to take a hard look…..

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DocuHome April 28, 2014 DocuHome

Five Tips to Prepare for a Disaster

1. Buy Enough Insurance Get enough insurance to rebuild your home and to replace all of your personal belongings. If you have made a major…..

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Anita Leverenz April 27, 2014 Anita Leverenz

Flood and Tsunami Insurance

Only flood insurance will protect homeowners, business owners and renters from the financial burdens associated with flood and tsunami losses.

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DocuHome January 13, 2014 DocuHome

Holiday Home Fires

There are simple life-saving steps you can take to ensure a safe and happy holiday. By following some of the outlined precautionary tips, individuals can…..

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DocuHome December 17, 2013 DocuHome

A Home Inventory? “November 24, 2007 Changed Our Lives Forever…”

This Thanksgiving, November 24 2013, will mark 6 years since the 2007 Malibu Corral Fire destroyed our home. As of today, we have not been…..

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Anita Leverenz November 21, 2013 Anita Leverenz

Protecting Yourself and Your Vacation Home

A clear inventory of all the items you have in your vacation rental property is an essential record for your business. You should have a…..

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Mark Gruskin July 8, 2013 Mark Gruskin

Choosing the Best Home Inventory Software

Choosing the best home inventory application before you get started can mean the difference between successfully completing an inventory, and never finishing.

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Bradford Stanley March 24, 2011 Bradford Stanley

Peace of Mind 2011… Do a Home Inventory for the New Year

Now that the Holiday’s has come and gone, insurance professionals urge homeowners and businesses to make an inventory…

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DocuHome January 4, 2011 DocuHome

Secondary Home Insurance

If your secondary home or vacation home has a mortgage, your lender may require homeowners insurance just as it would for your primary residence. However,…..

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Jason Gilbert November 19, 2010 Jason Gilbert

DocuHome Featured On The Cover of Los Angeles Business Journal: “Getting a Line on Insurance”

SANTA MONICA, CA– “Bradford Stanley lost his Malibu home in a 2007 canyon fire. Six months later, he lost out on about $300,000 in insurance……

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DocuHome November 18, 2010 DocuHome

What Happened To My Blender?

Having a clear inventory of which items you have in your rental property is very important. If something were to happen to your rental home,…..

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Anita Leverenz June 19, 2010 Anita Leverenz

Insurance Commissioner Poizner Urges Homeowners to Do a Home Inventory

Marking the one year anniversary of the Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner today advised all California homeowners to proactively prepare for…..

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DocuHome May 5, 2010 DocuHome

FLOOD INSURANCE: National Flood Safety Awareness Week Good Time to Review Your Flood Insurance Policy

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is pleased to support The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)-sponsored 2009 National Flood Safety Awareness Week, March…..

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DocuHome March 17, 2010 DocuHome