DocuHome: Born Out of Need and Compassion

DocuHome is the most comprehensive, easy to use home inventory product and service on the market today. Our patent-pending photo and tagging system is so easy to use, homeowners can photograph, assign a value, and safely store all of their possessions on-line in hours, not days. DocuHome has been featured on CBS News, ABC News, AOL Real Estate, and many other business and consumer publications as one of the smartest new technologies to come on the market.

DocuHome’s mission is to give people the power to be more prepared for a loss of property from fire, theft or other causes.

Our web based software enables consumers and businesses to prepare for the financial and insurance-related impacts of calamitous events including fires, explosions, earthquakes, floods, and other unpredictable emergencies.

Founder and CEO, Bradford Stanley’s Personal Connection…
The Company’s beginning arose from a catastrophic fire that completely destroyed my home and my families personal property. While we thought we were protected through our insurance policy, we soon found the road ahead was going be frustrating. I assumed we would get a check for our personal property and move forward. Our insurance adjuster informed us in order to receive any claim compensation we needed to provide documentation proving these items existed in our home.

After spending over 6 months dealing with this, the “DocuHome” moment hit me, I realized “maybe things do happen for a reason.” It’s time to use my experience learned from helping Fortune 500 companies, and use this knowledge to help homeowners with a solution that can turn the daunting task of creating a home inventory into hours not days.

With DocuHome’s powerful proprietary tagging software, you need not be an accountant… maybe just a Facebook user.

Bradford Stanley
Founder and CEO, DocuHome

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