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Avoid Rental Damage Disputes

Whether you have a vacation rental, or a long term rental, having a detailed inventory of all the items you have in your rental property…..

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Bradford Stanley July 1, 2014 Bradford Stanley

‘Tis Vacation Rental Season. Job #1 Before You Rent it Out…

Be protected. Avoid nasty and costly landlord/tenant disputes involving damage or missing items with a home inventory. Your vacation rental property is an investment, and…..

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Mark Gruskin June 15, 2014 Mark Gruskin

The Claims Process for Disaster Victims

The Five Steps to Recovering Your Life After Your Home and Life Have Been Destroyed 1. Read everything carefully before you sign anything. Your insurance…..

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Ron Reitz June 2, 2014 Ron Reitz

What May Be Covered by Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Additional Living Expenses If your property is not safe for occupancy, keep receipts for all expenses associated with your relocation, such as emergency shelter, clothing,…..

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Mark Gruskin May 22, 2014 Mark Gruskin